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Groupe Médical des Prairies

Hydrafacial Syndeo® Pampers

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Hydrafacial Syndeo® Pampers: facial drainage + Hydrafacial+ massage and hand or foot or neckline massage

How does the hydrafacial pamper treatment work?
Using suction cups, the therapist performs lymphatic drainage with pumping movements on the face and neck for a detoxifying and relaxing effect, thus allowing activation of microcirculation and better absorption of active ingredients.
Customizable HydroPeel tips for different levels of exfoliation of the face, neckline and back. Using lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid with gentle suction movements of the handpiece
Handpiece equipped with Vortex-fusion technology, a patented technology that opens pores to simply and easily eliminate impurities while repairing the epidermis thanks to powerful active ingredients.
Wide range of boosters highly concentrated in active ingredients, it targets specific skin conditions. Anti-aging, antioxidant and moisturizing
Application of a calming mask based on hyaluronic acid to calm irritated skin
Relaxing and stimulating massage of the neckline, hands, scalp, for a special moment
Elipsa LightStim LED light therapy improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, calms inflammation related to mild to moderate acne.

Validity : You have 6 months from the date of purchase to use all of the treatments you have purchased.

    Hydrafacial Syndeo® Pampers
    Hydrafacial Syndeo® Pampers
    Hydrafacial Syndeo® Pampers
    Hydrafacial Syndeo® Pampers
    Our high quality products
    Treatments carried out by aesthetic doctors in Switzerland with more than 15 years of experience
    A personalized assessment
    A commitment to hygiene


    How do I schedule an appointment to use my purchase?

    Call +41 22 700 80 80 or write an email to to schedule your appointment.

    How long should I wait to be contacted again after sending my meeting request by email?

    You will be contacted by Groupe Médical des Prairies within 2 working days following receipt of your email.

    What delivery method do you use to send care purchases by customers?

    We will send you your purchase confirmation by email after your payment confirmation.

    How long does it take to use my treatments after purchase?

    You have 6 months from the date of purchase to use all of the treatments you have purchased.

    Can I cancel my purchase and get a refund?

    All treatment purchases are non-refundable. In return, if you decide not to do the treatment for any reason, you can transfer the treatment to someone else of your choice.