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All Muscle Groups, Minimal Time Needed - Our All-in-One Solution

Electromyostimulation is a whole-body training method that combines electrical activation of muscle fibers with simple, targeted strength training exercises. Using medically certified equipment, it is performed under the direction and instruction of a trained supervisor, with a clearly defined emphasis on prevention and therapy.

Dual Approach: Active & Passive

Electromyostimulation (EMS) training combines passive muscle stimulation by electrical impulses with an active element of simple strength training exercises. This targeted approach can be easily adapted to meet individual goals, creating a comprehensive and highly effective training program. It's especially appealing to middle-aged and senior citizens looking to prioritize their health, strengthen their bodies, and stay active in daily life - even well into their golden years.

User-Friendly Training

Due to the absence of additional weights, an EMS session is wonderfully easy on the joints. Especially in comparison to the intensities required to strengthen muscles with conventional lifting exercises.

Personal Care and Safety

Close supervision in a 1:1 or 1:2 setting brings an extra dose of motivation to practitioners. It also creates a safe and effective framework for tailored personal training, which matches the user's specific goals based on their individual fitness.


Time Efficiency: Only 20 Minutes per Week

With just one 20-minute session per week, electromyostimulation can be seamlessly integrated into any activity focused on health, fitness or well-being. This allows users, even those who are time constrained, to establish and maintain a consistent exercise routine.


Overcome the obstacles

The delicate impact on the joints, combined with the significant assistance provided by the impulses, makes electromyostimulation an optimal choice for people who struggle to motivate themselves, who find themselves less active due to advanced age or who face health barriers that make exercise and conventional treatment methods excessively difficult.

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